How many slaves work for you?

Think slavery is something that only affects people "over there?" Guess again. It's likely that at some point, the products that you own — from clothes and technology to food and toiletries — have been touched in some way by the slave trade. But it doesn't have to be this way. Slavery Footprint has designed an online story-driven survey that helps you determine your contribution to forced labor — and then empowers you to do something about it.

There are a number of actions you can take to earn Free World points and make a difference, both individually and as a school. Actions you and your classmates can take together range from hosting a screening or fundraising event to getting your school newspaper to report on the issue. You can also download the Made in a Free World App from Slavery Footprint to take actions on the move, and distribute this list of quick facts on human trafficking to students interested in taking action.

To get started, take the survey at Once you land on the Action page, click “Groups” on the right hand side. Search and join your University’s group to begin taking action!

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Check out where your school ranks!

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
3474 Points  /  11,139 Enrolled
George Washington University
6046 Points  /  25,061 Enrolled
University of Delaware
1230 Points  /  21,138 Enrolled
Santa Clara University
129 Points  /  8,846 Enrolled
University of South Carolina-Aiken
21 Points  /  3,269 Enrolled
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